Welcome to Deft Insight

Providing service design, research, user experience services to both the private and public sector.

Our services


Research is the foundation for building services that truly meet the needs of users. Deft Insight can help you to build a greater understanding of your users.

We provide expertise in:

  • Contextual Enquiry
  • Ethnography
  • Persona creation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Surveys
  • Workshops

User experience

Our user experience services will allow you to create websites that are not only effective, delivering your business goals, but that are engaging for users

We work with you to understand who your users are and provide a suite of services to help you understand how your services can be optimised to meet their needs:

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Remote usability testing
  • Usability testing

Service design

Service design is the process by which organisations define exactly how a service should be delivered. This is not limited to the final interaction a customer has with that service, but all the organisational processes, systems and cultures that underpin how the service functions.

Deft Insight can help you to shape how your services are delivered. We offer:

  • Journey mapping
  • Service blueprinting

Information architecture

By organising your service or website in a way that matches users’ mental models, you can improve the ease with which users navigate and find the information or products they need.

Our Information Architecture services include:

  • Card sorting
  • Navigation path analysis


A focus on accessibility ensures that all users of your services can access them and enjoy their benefits.

Deft Insight have significant experience of working with users with a variety of needs and understand how to ensure that services are designed so that nobody is excluded.

We offer:

  • Accessibility audits
  • Accessibility testing